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Attentive, Respectful…Creativity Infused with Passion & Intense Flavors

Under the umbrella and watchful eye of Riverhouse Catering, the café services group brings the same attentive, respectful, passionate approach to food and service to corporate and retail dining services throughout Connecticut. Whether providing menus for employees or visitors, offerings are carefully curated for seasonal best, with the freshest and purest preparation leading to superb plate appeal.

There is a special relationship that we have with food, the people we serve, the atmosphere we create, and the associates who craft and deliver what we are proud to say is Riverhouse Café Services. Our portfolio includes industry leaders in manufacturing, healthcare and museum cafes, diverse accounts and atmospheres with high ratings in service and customer satisfaction.

Trust that we will know you better than any other Café Services company. Trust that the quality of our food will be top notch and worthy of your employees and guests. Trust that the value we provide is real and provides a high level of benefit to your employees and guests. Trust that we are here for the long term and are willing to invest in a relationship with you.

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Our promise:

  • Creative menus that keep patrons engaged and interested.
  • Fresh Foods prepared daily by highly trained professional chefs.
  • Produce, meats and poultry from local farms and local vendors.
  • Superior Customer Service: not just because we think that it’s catchy; our customers attest to the quality of our service every day.
  • Dynamic Atmospheres that transform rooms into dining spots, where employees and guests collect, connect, confide and grow as a team.
  • Extraordinary food management professionals from ownership to our line employees, skilled in the inner-workings of food service, customer service and our financial responsibility to you.
  • Ownership Oversight: every food service management contract we enter into is overseen by one of the owners of Riverhouse Catering, the parent company of Riverhouse Café Services. We assure our partners of rigid adherence to corporate protocols, standards and expectations.

Next Steps:

Does your organization deserve something new, something different? Are you looking for an offering that infuses fun into “variety” and fresh into “everything”?

If the answer is yes, then let’s continue this conversation in person or by phone in the next few days…

Riverhouse Café Services
DJ Singh Kooner

Our customers are raving about Riverhouse Cafe Services

Hear what they have to say

I was at a NBMMA (New Britain Museum of American Art) visiting an art exhibition in New Britain. I met my former patient and decided to have a lunch at the café. I was pleasantly surprised by the detail they have given to the quality, freshness and presentation of the food. The place was busy and staff was very pleasant. I am a heart surgeon and very picky about what I eat. I tell you what…I will go back to this place in a heartbeat.”

Everything was great this week. The food was raved about. Riverhouse Café Services staff did a wonderful job of taking care of us.”

Love the museum café. The food is great but the wonderful staff is the best part!”